No Bugs M'Lady Shelf Liner

    Company Information is an online retail business located in San Diego, CA. We have been in business since 2005 and take great pride in an excellent product and high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Website establishes a secure encrypted connection (ssl) with our server so you can shop with confidence and security. We solemnly pledge to keep your personal information private and will absolutely never sell any of your information to any person or company.

Our Business Name (DBA) is The Silkworm Shop and includes three other online retail businesses:

The Silkworm Shop
The Fruit Fly Shop
The Praying Mantis Shop
The Live Fish Food Shop arose from a need to control pests and insects, period.

Our businesses require a clean, germ-free, insect-less environment. Having tried messy, unhealthy sprays and other products, we tried this product and were completely satisfied with the results.

This Product Works-- We Know It Because We Use It. And We Proudly Offer it Here.

Please Contact Our Customer Service Department if you have any questions or concerns about "No Bugs M'Lady" and "Bug Kill" Insecticidal Shelf and Drawer Liner.

Also Available: 'NO BUGS M'LADY' Shelf Liner
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